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A Thief's Shopping List

This year for Christmas I'd like...

  • A wallet full of cash and credit cards
  • Mobile phone
  • Music Player, fully loaded with tracks
  • Bags full of Christmas presents
  • Tom-Tom
  • A laptop, full of your personal details and passwords

My Xmas Shopping Plan

Your House

If you kindly leave your doors and windows unlocked, then I can climb straight in. What'll make my job a whole lot easier is if you place all of your gift-wrapped presents in one place, like under a tree. And if you leave all the empty boxes outside, I'll be sure to know that yours is definitly a house worth visiting.

Your Car

Please just leave all of your valuables and Christmas shopping on display in your car. If you can find somewhere quiet to park with no street lighting and no CCTV, then so much the better. You can make it even easier for me still if you leave the windows open or the doors unlocked.


Load up your wallet or purse full of cash, and then place it in your back pocket or an open bag so that it's nice and accessible for me. I'll also take your phone and iPod, and any shopping bags, especially if you're walking alone.

- December 2015

CCTV Packages

2 x 600TVL / 15m IR cameras, 500Gb DVR with apps for Android and iOS

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Secure your property with our packages to meet everyone's security needs, including SMS messaging and web enabled app services to you can take complete control

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