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Control of Burglar Alarm Noise in Oxford

Audible burglar alarms are now common place to deter unauthorised entry and in many cases are actually required by insurance companies. Burglar alarms that are sounding should be reported to the Police so that evidence of criminal activity can be investigated; sadly however many people just assume that an alarm sounding is just a false alarm and don't notify the police. However, both the Council and the Police do receive many complaints about burlar alarms that go off for extended periods of time, causing noise distrubance to neighbours. Over 90% of alarms sounding are due to faults.

At Bans Security we take these issues seriously. As an NSI Silver accredited company we have a pre-prepared form that we leave with all new alarm installations for the occupier to send off to their local Council to notify them of the presence of an alarm sounder. We also offer service contracts so that each alarm will be checked once a year - any developing faults canbe diagnosed ahead of time, and batteries replaced to help prevent false activations. We strongly recommend having your alarm system serviced once a year, to keep it in tip top conidition - you don't want it to fail when you most need it.

Auto Cut-off devices

All of our burlgar alarms that we install will automatically stop the bell from ringing at or before 20 minutes depending on how the system is designed. As a further back-up, the bell itself also has it's own internal timer to prevent sounding for more that 20 minutes, even if someone cuts the cables between the bell and the burglar alarm panel. Due to battery constraints, wireless burglar alarm systems have a much shorter bell ringing time as there is no mains electricity present to sustain the bell for any longer.


If a burglar/intruder alarm system is reported to the Council as causing a noise nuisance, the Council will try to contact a keyholder so that the problem can be resolved quickly and with the minimum of fuss. There is a Code of Practice that advises burglar alarm owners to provide the local Police, in writing, with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least two keyholders who can operate and silence the alarm. It is recommended that Environmental Health be provided with details of which Police Station has been informed and the person responsible for the alarm.

The Thames Valley Police code of practice is as follows: Within 48 hours of installing or taking over an alarm system, occupiers should nominate at least 2 key holders and provide their names, addresses and telephone numbers to the Thames Valley Police Alarms Administration. Each keyholder must be able to reach the property within 20 minutes. They should be familiar with the property and the alarm system installed. Arrangements should be made such that at least one key holder is available at any given time.

Nuisance Alarms

If the Council believe that a burglar alarm is causing a noise disturbance, and no keyholders can be raised within a sensible time period to silence the alarm, then the Council make take formal action. An Abatement Notice requiring the alarm to be silenced will be served to the occupier of the building by leaving it attached to the premises. A qualified engineer may be brought in to silence the sounder, and it will be the occupier responsible for reimbursing all the costs incurred by the Council for abating the nuisance noise.

All of the alarms we install have multiple timers to prevent alarms sounding more than the legal amount of time, so you can rest easy that you should never find yourself in this position.

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