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What does your bellbox say about your security?

There's a brilliant project called Burglar Alarm Britain, which documents photographically all the external bell boxes around Britain. It's a fascinating insight to security in times gone past.

One thing did strike me though? What does having an old bell box say about your security?

Some of the bellboxes featured on the site had been graffitied over, some of the old metal ones had completely rusted up. Is that really telling any would-be burglar that you take the security of your property seriously. A rusted up bell boxes only tells the burglar that your alarm system is probably not working. On the other-hand, what would a brand-new flashing bell box say? Probably, that your property is armed, so do not touch!

And then that got me to thinking, "What does a DIY bellbox tell a burglar?". It's now so easy to buy a self-install burglar alarm from B&Q or Homebase, but the external bell will be unbranded, and thieves could then see that it was a DIY installation. In such cases, the thief would know firstly that the alarm is not monitored by a central station and there will be no police call out. Secondly, there's a chance that it won't have been very well installed, and it's effectiveness could be reduced.

If you had a brand-new BANS Intruder and Fire Systems Bell Box on the wall of your property, what would burglars think? Well, they would know that it is new, installed to a high standard and will be working well. Flashing LEDs outside would further deter them, showing that the system is still activly live. Furthermore, as an NSI accredited alarm installer around Oxford, the burglar would know that there is every chance the alarm is hooked up to a monitoring station, and that police could be called if the alarm is activated. Our bellboxes are saying, stay away from this house!

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