Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Clear Imaging

Auto Gain Control (AGC) Based on AGC 2.0 technology, AGC 4.0 improves details in images with low temperature differences, highlighting brightness differences with high temperature objects. Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) DDE is an advanced technology based on enhanced algorithms. This feature renders details more sharply in low contrast in any given region of interest.
3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D DNR) 3D DNR effectively removes the grainy or fuzzy quality in images under low light, rendering much clearer and finer images compared with 2D DNR. Bi-Spectrum Image Fusion Hikvision’s signature thermal technology – bi- spectrum image fusion – combines features from both thermal and optical images, and creates a unique hybrid that provides extra details for more precise detection and decision-making.

Intuitive User Interface

Application Scenarios

Set-up and Using the Handheld Feverscreening Camera

Hikvision range of thermal body scanners

Bronze CCTV Package

Bronze CCTV Package

2 x 2MP / 20m IR cameras, 1Tb DVR with apps for Android and iOS

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Silver CCTV Package

4 x 2MP / 20m IR cameras, 2Tb DVR with apps for Android and iOS

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