Technical Support

Change User Codes and Add Proximity Tags

Use the photos below to determine which product you have and you'll find all the relevant documentation...

Use your manager code to enter the manager mode, and keep pressing 'No' until it says


and then press 'YES'.

Change User

Press 'YES'


Use 'B' or 'D' keys, or number keys to select an empty user address (if you wish to change an exiting user or overwrite their code, then choose the correct user number in this list).

Press 'YES' when you have selected the correct slot.

        [      ]

Present the new tag to the reader, or key in the new code. To delete what you have entered, press the 'C' key. If the code, or part of the code, is already in use then you will not be able to proceed.


Press 'YES' to continue.

User Type
User         [0]

Usually this will be left as type 'User'. To change, use the 'B' and 'D' keys to scroll through the options.

User: Does not have access to the manager menu
Manager: Does have access to all of the manager functions, such as adding new users

Press 'YES'

User Areas
          [A   ]

Use the keys to select or deselect which areas you want the user to be able to control

Press 'YES'

User Set Option
Set/Unset   [0]

Choose the limits you wish to place on the code-holders actions. Options are:
Set & Unset
Set only
Unset only
None - use this option if the Tag is only for Access or Ward control.
Use the ‘B' & 'D’ keys to make your choice.

Press 'YES'

No           [0]
(leave this option as 'set/unset') Flexi-Set No [0] Press 'YES' (leave this option on 'no') You can enter a name for the user using the keys on the keypad. Use ‘0’ key for space. The A B C D keys on the keypad are used as follows: ‘A’ – capital letters ‘B’ – moves cursor left ‘C’ – Clears Character, creates a space ‘D’ – Cursor moves right eg to write ‘Ben’ simply press the ‘2’ key twice ‘A’ key for capital ‘D’ move cursor right ‘3’ key twice ‘D’ move cursor right ‘6’ key twice Press 'YES' when you have finished entering the name. Just repeat this process for each tag. To get out of the manager menu, keep pressing no, until you find the option "EXIT MANAGER MENU?" and press 'YES'.

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