Emergency Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Complete Control

Versatile, reliable and ideal for applications such as hotels, leisure centres, nursing homes, shops and office blocks, the Call Controllers are capable of indicating two levels of call, standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone). Perfect for use in multi-zone accessible toilet alarm systems, changing room/interview rooms and infrared panic attack applications, choose from 4 zone, 8 zone, 10 zone and 20 zone variants with expansion units and repeaters available for even larger systems.

High-quality overdoor lights and sounders are essential for providing increased levels of call indication to ensure that staff are alerted to calls particularly in care facilities. Stylish stainless steel versions for prestigious projects or areas vulnerable to vandalism are also available.

Crafted from white durable plastic, C-TEC's NC807 ceiling pull generates standard calls on an 800 Series call system. Two replacement pull card packs are also available – the NCP-12 nylon ceiling pull cord pack and the NCP-13 universal anti-bacterial wipe-clean pull cord pack – ideal for updating existing patient ceiling pulls and light switches.

Excellent for monitoring medicine cupboards, fire exits, cash offices and store rooms for unauthorised access, our 800 Series key or button operated monitoring points can also be used for alerting personnel to doorbells, telephones and machinery failure.

A wide and varied selection of call points available to mix and match for every occasion! Choose from standard, emergency, button reset, magnetic reset, IP65 water resistant alert, sauna alert and stainless steel variants. No other call system offers the variety of calling devices as C-TEC's 800 Series.

People Protection

Designed to protect personnel against aggressive visitors, distressed patients or intruders, our all-encompassing range of infrared call points and ceiling receivers can be used in conjunction with our 800 Series infrared transmitters to remotely trigger standard or emergency calls. Ideal for mental health hospitals, secure units, prisons and many more applications.

Reset points return call systems to normal once a call has been dealt with. Three types are available – button reset, magnetic reset and key reset. Reset buttons are fine for non-secure areas. However, magnetic and key reset variants are the preferred option for areas where the public may inadvertently cancel their own calls.

Easy Expansion

From relay units and input expanders to multi-purpose call latch modules and paging transmitters, there are a wide range of devices designed to enhance or expand new or existing 800 Series systems to include virtually any other third-party device.

An assortment of slave calling devices including portable movement detectors, tail call leads, pressure mats and jack sockets all designed to generate standard calls via an 800 Series call point's remote socket.

All life safety systems require a good quality standby battery supply. Whether it's a fire panel, power supply, disabled refuge controller or even a third-party piece of equipment, our range of lead-acid batteries can provide the power you need.

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